Monday, January 11, 2010

Joining the Blog Bandwagon

Hi all,

Well, here I am... This is my blog! Welcome! I hope you enjoy your visit here and I hope you come back again to see me sometime.

Since I already have a website, ( you are probably wondering why I am bothering with blogging. Well, a blog seems to be all the rage! Not only that, it seems to be an easy way to manage a website without all the work, so I'm gonna try this and if I find that I like it, I may eventually ditch the website in favor of this. I have plenty of time to make the transition, since I renewed my site in November.

Here I hope to post more often than I do on my site (since it's easier to do) and I hope to post new work, both in lampwork beads and in jewelry to keep you undated better. I'll post sales and specials here, too. Just let me get my feet wet first...

More later!



  1. Looking good Debby! Your slide show is a really nice addition to the top of the page -- makes me want to linger!!

  2. Thank you, Louise! Now if only I could figure out how to add photos to my listings that show up...

  3. Great Blog Debby! I tend to forget checking out the blogs of my friends but with a reminder in the newsletter, I should get better. Thanks for all the great eye candy.
    Carolyn Weatherford

  4. Awww, Carolyn, you're so sweet!!! :)

  5. To Mary, my first follower: I love you!