Friday, June 3, 2011

Stone Arch Festival of the Arts

Hello all! I am currently gearing up for what I hope will be my Best Show Ever. At least I am optimistic, right? The show I am going to is the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts in Minneapolis, MN., over Fathers Day weekend. Why Minnesota, you ask? Well, I wanted to get OUT of Arkansas to try new territory and I also wanted to go some place where I have relatives so I can make the trip a vacation as well. That pretty much leaves Florida and Minnesota. Since it's too hot to do shows in Florida over the summer, that left just one option.
I had applied to two shows in the Twin Cities and surprisingly was accepted into BOTH of them. After much consideration, I decided to just do the one show as the other show conflicted with a really tight schedule I have in August. I will be attending the ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) annual conference, called "The Gathering" with several glass buddies from Arkansas the end of July/first of August. The conference is in Louisville, KY this year and I could not pass up the chance to go, since I estimate that to be an easy day's drive.

After the Gathering, I have another event and just couldn't fit in another big show in between. It was a hard decision to make to click the "decline" on the accept or decline option on the Zapp website, but I am relieved I made that decision. I think it would have been just too much to do that show.

Meanwhile, the Stone Arch show is coming up fast and I have a lot to do to prepare. I've been making a lot of jewelry, some of which I am showing on my website.
Check these out...