Saturday, January 23, 2010

Before and After!

I wish I could say this post was about Before starting a diet and After ending a diet, but nooOOOoooOOOO!  Although I did take Before photos of me when I started dieting last June, I still haven't gotten anywhere NEAR my goal, so the After photos are still waiting... if they ever come at all.  Sigh!

Fortunately, it is much easier to redo an office than it is to lose weight!  Yay!  So here ya go...  I am actually embarrassed to show these before pictures, but to understand the undertaking of such a project, you just have to see what I started out with!


And now... Are you ready for this?
Drum roll please.............

As you can see, I have MUCH more room now, I can actually back up in my chair without bumping into the table behind me - I don't even have a table behind me now!  And, if I want to switch from computerin' to beadin', I actually have to scoot my chair over a few feet!  Whoa!  I told my sweetie I need to get one of those plastic floor coverings to go over carpet so that the chair doesn't ruin the carpet, and he reminded me that the carpet was already ruined, and then I said I should get one to make scooting over to the bead table easier then!  LOL

Granted, it's still nothing fancy, but it's much more functional and I am happy momma.  The big desk was a donation from my sister-in-law and I love it.  I love that I can stack all my bead storage boxes on it.  I got rid of one of my "bead walls" and am using those cute little plastic storage drawer units instead.  I think I'm gonna find that to be much easier to use.  Now to get started on all the UFOs (unfinished objects) I have stacked there in the corner!


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