Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Before Shot

Hello all!

Now that there is a lull between shows, I have decided to take on the huge task of doing a booth makeover.  It is my goal to get into some finer shows and since I've been rejected a grand total of three times to such shows, I started to wonder if it wasn't my booth shot that was getting me disqualified.

I started researching booth photography online and sure enough I learned a few things.  The big ones are A) the shot must have an uncluttered look, B) NO signage of ANY kind and C) no people.  Well, obviously, I failed at all three:

This is the booth shot I've been using.

In addition, booth shots should NOT be photos take at actual shows, and should be taken with the three sidewalls up, in the shade or on a cloudy day, and using a tripod.

After reading all this, I realized I need to retake my booth shots and since I have to do THAT, I might as well do a booth makeover.  So... that's what I've been doing this week.  Things are coming along swimmingly!  I cannot wait to show you the AFTER photos.  I'm making some big changes, I think will be for the better.  I hope to finish by next week sometime.

Meanwhile, school is out and Ginny (the one in the above photo) is home.  She had an amazing year - the only kid in her class to make straight A's all year - and we are all very proud of her!  I can't believe she'll be in 3rd grade next year.  Time really flies...  We have some wonderful things planned this summer, which will bea lot of fun...  It'll be great just watching her get to be a kid for the summer.

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