Friday, June 25, 2010

Making Lemonade from Lemons

Hi all,

You know that saying about best laid plans?

We were supposed to go on vacation yesterday.  We had planned to go up to Pennsyvania for a visit with Tim's brother and his wife.  We were really looking forward to it.

Then, Tuesday, out of the blue, Tim suffered an accident at work.  It was not serious but it did render him unable to travel, at least for now.  So... we cancelled the trip.  Actually, post-poned it.  In a deal he struck with his boss, we will post-pone the trip until August and we'll be able to travel longer, since he'll be able to add two more days.

In exchange, Tim will return to work tomorrow for two days, and then have all next week off.  So, we may still do some fun things, maybe visit some friends, splash around in the Buffalo River, or whatnot.

So, at first, we were really bummed about having to cancel the trip, but now we realize we'll have an even better time in August since we'll have more time.  It's all good!

Meanwhile, I figured I might as well work, so I've spent the last two days making lizard beads, which I hope to start listing tonight or tomorrow.  Gotta get them off the mandrels and cleaned first!  Next on the agenda are frogs.  I'm going to be doing a show in Tulsa next month and those two are perhaps my best sellers, so I want to be fully stocked.

Besides, lizards and frogs are just too darned fun to make!  I LOVE them!  :)

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