Saturday, May 15, 2010

Easier to Get Into Fort Knox

Hi all,

I am not very fond of Facebook right now.  I'm in Memphis, on my old laptop that recently had all of the software reinstalled.  Come to find out if A) you are in a new location AND B) using a computer that FB is not familiar with, you have to go through a series of seven questions before they will let you access your account.

If you have 208 friends like I currently do, and yes, I admit, I don't know them ALL that well, FB shows you random photos of seven people, and give you about seven choices as to who that person could be.  You can only pass on two, and the remaining five must be answered correctly or you will not get in to your account.  Fail three times and you will have to wait an hour before you can start the insanity all over again.

The photos FB shows you to identify are NOT "profile pictures"...  No, that would be too easy.  And, the photos might not necessarily be from their own accounts.  They could be tagged photos that someone else uploaded.  Using Sharon's (my show buddy) laptop, we searched for every photo in my list of friends and never found one that matched.  Some of the photos were artwork - as many of my "friends" are artists - and there was even one photo that showed 1/4 of a person's face and they expected me to recognize it.

Trying another approach, I tried logging in and clicking "I forgot my password".  FB sent a link to my email, and I clicked on that link from the email, fully expecting to access my account that way.  Even though I used the email they sent me, FB still did not trust that I was who I said I was, and attempted to test me again, and again I failed to get in.

I give up.

Anyway, needless to say I'm not fond of Facebook right now.  I will have to wait until I can return home tomorrow night and use the other computer from home before I can get on FB - and believe me, I will gripe!

Meanwhile, on a happier note, I had a great first day at the American Bead Show in Memphis today ~ still tomorrow to go!  :)

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