Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Show Time!

The Altus Springtime Gala went very well, I'm happy to report!  We had a little bit of rain that morning, but it cleared out and the rest of the day was beautiful.  :)  I had a great show!  Yay!

Now I am ready for the American Gem Show in Memphis this weekend.  I am SOOO looking forward to this show.  I've really missed the fine folks of the greater Memphis area.  It will be good to see some familiar faces again.  I have plans to meet up with some of them for dinner tomorrow night and again on Saturday.  My show buddy Sharon will be with me and we will have a great time, I am sure.  Sharon is such a hoot!  She is really fun to be around.

Anyway, I am all packed and ready to go so I think I will go relax in front of the tube.  If you're in Memphis this weekend ~ be sure to come see me!  :)

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