Monday, October 25, 2010

Now that the show season is winding down, I had hoped to use this time to redesing my website - especially since I have discovered that my new computer's operating system is not compatible with the program I've always used to edit and manage my site with.

So.... I purchased Dreamweaver for the purpose of recreating the website but I have found that the program is a lot more complex and challenging than what I used to use (FrontPage).  I then purchased a book, "Dreamweaver for Dummies" and I have found that I really need the "Dreamweaver for Dumber than Dummies" book because I can't make heads or tails out of it at all.

I learn easiest by doing rather than reading, and since the book is so entirely way too confusing, I've just dived right in, knowing full well that doing it this way will no doubt necessitate many mistakes and corrections along the way.  Oh well!

Meanwhile, life, otherwise, is pretty normal.  We have two new family members.  Molly is a golden retriever puppy, about 7 months old and Zuko is a black cat and I really don't know how old he is.  At the moment he is at the vet getting neutured and when I go pick him later today, I expect to get more information regarding his age and such.

Molly was adopted about a month ago from a shelter in NW Arkansas, and Zuko just recently appeared.  He started coming around over the summer and has become a regular entity around here.  He was pretty feral at first, but has really become a very loving cat.  He and Molly have developed quite a bond, so we felt it was time to formally make Zuko a member of our family.

So, now that my pet food and pet care bills have more than doubled, I have found that I need to work extra hard to make ends meet.  It's worth it, though, now that I have three cats and a dog, I am one happy momma!  I love all my furbabies!

Here's a photo of Molly and Zuko, taken yesterday.  Aren't they sweet? 

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