Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dogs, Lizards and Frogs, Oh My!

OK, I've been busy!

Busy making beads!  Yes!  I said beads!  I need to update the slide show there, but yeah... been makin' beads.  Yeah!

OK, so I'm excited.  Can you blame me?  I've made a whole bunch of critters:  Dogs, kitties, lizards, frogs -- and an Arkansas Razorbacks!  What the heck?  Lotsa Hog fans in these here parts.

I finally got caught up on my listing, so most of them are on etsy.  Go check it out - you know you wanna.

Don't know when I'll update my ol' website.  Haven't tried to log in to publish changes since I got the new computer.  Probably requires a fair amount of head-scratching configuration.  Just don't wanna...  I'm sure you can dig that.

Anyway, shows are coming up!  Two in Altus, AR, on the 24th of April and on May 1.  After that, a show in Memphis, TN and another in Branson, MO both in May.  Anyone nearby should come see me.  Mention the blog and get 20% off on everything in my booth!

Yeah, now that's exciting!  :)

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